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Ah, the time has come and gone already! The Tour de France 2009, how could we not chat about the most recognized cycling event in the world?! The excitement builds for weeks before the event even starts. Bets are made; trash talk starts and continues with each ensuing stage. The scenery, the drama, the unknowns making names for themselves…in a word: spectacular.

Rather than focus on the return of one that gained most of the media attention, let’s concentrate on the event as a whole – what it means to the cycling world, and of course, how it relates to us, the cycling wives.

As a cyclist wife of many years, I have come to love the TdF. I, along with my cyclist husband, do not mind waking at 6a to watch the live feed of the race, and truly missed those early mornings after the boys had made that final ride along the Champs d’Elysse. I love these early mornings, drinking coffee wishing to one day visit one of the quaint little towns that host this major race. We laugh at the musings of Phil & Paul; their knowledge of rider and race facts and tactics is amazing. The glee in Phil’s voice when a breakaway rider is actually going to win a stage makes you want to jump up to celebrate.

That is the thing about the TdF; each day 100+ riders get on their bikes and it is anyone’s guess who will win the stage. Yes, there are favorites, and the sprinter’s stages, and the climber’s stages. But, on any given day there may be that one guy that is in the right place at the exact right moment and he makes history.

Add this to the incredible scenery, the sometimes unpredictable weather at the top of a mountain stage and the super fans… and you have one of the most exciting sporting events to watch.


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