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Living the Dream

When I was a little girl I didn’t dream of being a ballerina or a princess. In fact, I didn’t really give much thought as to what I would be or how my life would turn out. I just went with the flow, did what I was told, and hoped for the best. And then I turned 30.

Having dated my share of investment bankers and lawyers, I was pretty sure those types weren’t for me. But what exactly was the right ‘type’ of guy for me? Someone who didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, was active/enjoyed the outdoors, and was somewhat upwardly mobile. Well, three out of four ain’t bad.

So there I was, one early Sunday morning on our first date. It was late summer, not too hot, not too humid. This was a good thing, because he didn’t need to know just yet what a sweaty, smelly-footed gal I was just yet. We went to a bike race. He didn’t win. Then we went out to lunch. I paid. And so it began.

Flash-forward four years later – we’re at our engagement party at my parent’s country club. It was all my mom’s friends so I didn’t know anyone and was therefore pounding drinks (I never said I didn’t drink…) and he was being pawed by all the cougars who were telling him he looked “just like George Clooney”. And then we got married.

We had already been living together for quite a while so I was already well-versed in how to live with a cyclist. A Cat 1 cyclist, in particular. Dirty chains in the bathroom sink, stink-be-gone bottles on the nightstand, time trial wheels stored in what should have been our linen closet.

So here I am, living the dream. But I’m not alone. There are many lucky ladies out there living this same dream. And we’re here to share some of our greatest stories, our most infuriating stories, and our funniest stories. Whether you’re part of our peleton or just hope to be, just remember the wind blows for you too.


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